Refund and Cancellation Policy

Fee notice:

1. Validity period of refund: When applying for a refund, the refund must be made within the validity period of the course;

2. Withdrawal rules:

2.1. When a user applies for a refund, the remaining class hours will be based on the system record on the day of the refund (not including any free lessons, and the free lessons will not be refunded);

2.2. The refund amount will be determined in accordance with the signed course service agreement. If there are multiple course packages under the same user name and there are corresponding multiple course service agreements, each course package shall be refunded according to its corresponding effective agreement when refunding. ;

3. Refund process:

3.1. The user submits a refund application to our company;refund email

3.2. Our management personnel will review the application, and determine the remaining class hours and the refund amount with the user according to the refund regulations stipulated in the course agreement under the user's name;

3.3. After both parties confirm the refund application and the amount, the refund will be made according to the following refund rules:

3.3.1. Return of pure online payment: For orders within 365 days, the refundable items will be returned within 8 working days; for orders over 365 days, the refundable items will be returned within 15 working days;